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If it has anything to do with Saiunkoku Monogatari -- the light novels, the manga, or the anime series -- then it NEEDS to be here! ^^

You don't have to be a member of this group -- if you are a fan of Saiunkoku Monogatari, I would love to have your input in the Members' Polls #1 to #6 below!

For clarification on gallery submissions, folders, favourites collections, and such ... refer to blog

Member's Poll #1 (by ~Bloo-D-emon) : Who are your top five Saiunkoku characters, and why? Vote your most favourite character below, then list your top five in the comments, and give your reasons if you'd like to share! ^^ 

78 deviants said Commission: Ryuuki by riiko23 Ryuki
49 deviants said Commission: Shurei by riiko23 Shurei
35 deviants said Commission: Seiran by riiko23 Seiran
29 deviants said Commission: Ryuuren by riiko23 Ryuren
27 deviants said Commission: Sakujun by riiko23 Sakujun
26 deviants said Commission: Kijin by riiko23 Kijin
25 deviants said Others ... Commission: Shuei by riiko23ShueiCommission: Koyuu Ri by riiko23KoyuAnjuu's Style by fireflighttAnjuKouki Talking by fireflighttKoki ... Eigetsu/Korin/etc/etc) ... sorry, ran out of chibis!
17 deviants said Commission: Ensei by riiko23 Ensei
9 deviants said Commission: Reishin by riiko23 Reishin
5 deviants said Commission: Shoka by riiko23 Shoka

Member's Poll #2 (by *pergamjee, after a conversation with ~mitayashi on these topics) : Which aspect of SaiMono interest you the most? Would your answers be different for the anime, the manga, and the light novels? Comments and examples, please. 

51 deviants said Relationships (love/hate/family/friend/enemy)
29 deviants said Period/Ancient Costumes and Hairstyles
24 deviants said Complex/complicated Characters
23 deviants said Lovely bishies
20 deviants said Strong Female Characters (Shurei, Kocho, Sairin, Kourin ...) ... oops, sowwy! I forgot to include this! ~Emocorita reminded me of it.
16 deviants said Governance + Politics
2 deviants said Others (examples?)

Member's Poll #3(suggested by Bloo-D-emon) : Which Male-Female duo (whether in romance/friendship/kinship/mentorship/etc) in SaiMono do you like seeing and why? Also, comment on which M-F pairing you absolutely do NOT (or would rather not) see happening. 

76 deviants said Ryuki x Shurei
21 deviants said Sakujun x Shurei
19 deviants said Seiran x Shurei
8 deviants said Koyu x Shurei
5 deviants said others (eg. Yushun x Sairin, Seiran x Kocho, Kokujun x Shunki, Shoka x Barahime/Shokun, etc)
4 deviants said Kijin x Shurei
4 deviants said Eigetsu x Korin
3 deviants said Ensei x Shurei
1 deviant said Seiga x Shurei
1 deviant said Shuei x Shusui

Member's Poll #4 (suggested by Bloo-D-emon) : Which Male-Male relationship (whether in romance, friendship, hateship, kinship, etc) in SaiMono do you like seeing and why? 

44 deviants said Shuei - Koyu
40 deviants said Ryuki - Seiran
13 deviants said Ensei - Seiran
12 deviants said Ryuki - Shuei
10 deviants said Kijin - Reishin
10 deviants said others
5 deviants said Shoka - Ryuki
3 deviants said Young Sho - young Sa Enjun
No deviants said Shoka - Seiran

Member's Poll #5 (suggested by *obasan45, based on a similar topic in a SaiMono forum): If you could appear briefly in the SaiMono universe, who would you be? Why? 

25 deviants said Non-canon character - how is your character related to the canon characters? Is there anything you would like to say to any canon characters?
17 deviants said Canon character - which one? Why? Is there something you would like to say to another character?

Member's Poll #6 (suggested by KeyPassions, if I'm correct) : Which is your fav scene in the anime series? Share with us your reasons in the comments below. 

10 deviants said Where Ryuuki realizes who Seiran is and goes to talk to him/hugs him.
5 deviants said When Shurei is sick and Ryuki gives her meds, pissing off Reshing.
5 deviants said Where Kocho gives Shurei the make up box and tells her that make up is a womans warpaint.
4 deviants said Where Sakujun is dying and asks Shuurei to play for him on erhu but she never does it.
3 deviants said When Shurei gave Sakujun an elaborate coiffure, with wispy, dangly tendrils of hair.
2 deviants said When Ryuuki, Kouyu and Shuuei get lost on their way to Brown Country.
2 deviants said When Shurei shoos everyone out of the house with a broom just as Tei Yuushun and his wife Sai Rin are arriving.
2 deviants said When Shuei comforts Koyu after Korin's suicide attempt.
2 deviants said [Suggest a scene in the comments below, and I will add it here - don't vote before your scene is added!]
1 deviant said When Seiran and Ensei find their wanted posters.

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Theme: "Fireflies"
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Project: Sesshomaru and Rin Story Relay
Summary: This project is a story with multiple authors and illustrators, with each person continuing on from where the previous author stops.
Prompt: "I want to be more than friends with you."
Open to: members and affiliated members


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Some great contests/events at our affiliates/friends that you may want to consider joining!


Theme: "Fireflies"
Deadline: August 20th, 2014


Deadline: August 31st, 2014 11:59 PM MST


They no longer put out monthly contest blogs,
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Hello Everybody! How are you all doing?

Member :iconsino-k: has just shared this news ...

Korea will have small comic-con for only Saiunkoku Monogatari

Date: 31st January, 2015

Location: Chung-mu art hall


:iconsino-k: will be updating with more details of the comic-con as and when they become available.

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Here are the top placings in the contest!

:icon1stplaceplz:SaiMono - Kindred Spirits by Ginryuzaki:icon1stplaceplz:
entry #12, SaiMono - Kindred Spirits, by :iconginryuzaki:

:icon2ndplaceplz:Shuei and Kourin by vicfania8855:icon2ndplaceplz:
entry #8, Shuei and Kourin, by :iconvicfania8855:

:icon3rdplaceplz:Unexpectedly Warm Welcome by obasan45:icon3rdplaceplz:
entry #14, Unexpectedly Warm Welcome, by :iconobasan45:

Congratulations, all!

I will be noting all prize donors, and you should be hearing from the individual donors soon.
For groups donating features, I will update this blog whenever each donor group has put up their feature.
For prize list, see contest blog

Thank you, all! ...

... for your entries, your votes, your prizes, your comments, and your support!

For those interested, the spreadsheet showing the voting results of the individual entries can be found here ...

The winning entries have been featured here:

:iconpergamjee: ... feature on profile page

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(Link for the FB group: (…… -- SaiMono Fanfiction.Net page -- The Saiunkoku community on LiveJournal -- Saiunkoku fanfiction on LiveJournal… -- Saiunkoku fanfiction writing challenge on LiveJournal -- 18+ Saiunkoku Fanfiction & Fanart community on LiveJournal [your account must have a birthday putting you at 18+ or LJ will not let you join]

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